introducing myself

I chose this picture because it represents my feelings of being in touch with nature and my appreciation for the beautiful gifts of the world. When I am able to witness the swaying leaves of a palm tree, I am able to enter a state of relaxation which always brings smile to my face. After being raised in New Jersey, and being surrounded by maple, elm and pine trees, it is a welcomed treat to be in a tropical environment and see a change in my normal surroundings. The gifts of nature always provide a sense of inner peace.

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2 Responses to “introducing myself”

  1.    lily15 Says:

    This picture strikes me because it actually took me to a place where I would like to be at(warmer weather,sunny sunrises etc)imaging a place in Florida per say.

  2.    antonia Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Lindsey. Just for future posts: if the picture you post is not from you (and I just assume this isn’t — correct me if I am wrong), please reference its source properly. Thanks.

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