Getting to Know Your Eyes

After much deliberation on the “perfect” location to describe, I decided that my kitchen is the focal point. To some, this may seem mundane, but to me, this one of my favorite places in my apartment. As each room holds many uses, my kitchen serves as an eatery, card room, social hall, and homework area. The brightly colored yellow tulips, located on the table, give the room a vivid and positive vibe. On the wall, hang four recipe cards that once hung in my mother’s kitchen. Each one holding more memories and good times than the last. After a busy weekend of entertaining guests, the colorful pots, pans, silverware, and containers rest in the dish rack waiting to be put away.  Within the glass door pantry, lay four shelves stacked with different exotic spices, can foods, and baking goods.  This room holds such value to me, as a remembrance of all the cooking my family and I did together, before I moved to New York. 

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4 Responses to “Getting to Know Your Eyes”

  1.    nalicia21 Says:

    To be hones, the kitchen is one of my favorite place in my home as well. I don’t use my kitchen as homework area, but it is truly a social, entertaining, relaxing area because I love to cook and bake. Your picture first glance reminded me of the first kitchen my family had when we first came to America.

  2.    elydurey Says:

    I love my kitchen too. Like Nalicia, I don’t use the kitchen as a homework area. It’s more of a social place for me and my family. I haven’t moved from my parents home but I barely interact with them because of the little time I have after work and school. I know how important this place is for you. When was the last time you saw your family? Hope not so long 🙂 .

  3.    sarah kusnitz Says:

    I must admit that the kitchen is one of my favorite places in my house as well. To me it represents a comfort, and a meeting place that I can spend time with my family just enjoying ourselves. I love that you describe so much color in your kitchen! It’s almost as if it can be viewed as the most lively place in the whole house! (which I think is great). Having colors in it just adds to the warmth of the whole surrounding and makes it much more inviting and enjoyable to be in.

  4.    antonia Says:

    Great entry, Lindsey. Your description is a great story for the picture you took, and I like the many details you made us aware of in your essay.

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