possibilities for my final project

( Discover Magazine, 2007)

After reviewing last semester’s final project topics, many possibilities came to mind. Many groups chose to discuss some of the cultural differences between different religions. After conducting some minor research, I chose to conduct my final project on what “Beauty” means throughout different cultures, and the extreme lengths people will go, to obtain it.

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6 Responses to “possibilities for my final project”

  1.    sarah kusnitz Says:

    I also had a similar idea to this. It’s interesting to look into other cultures besides one’s own to see what they think is beautiful and compare and contrast those views to our views of our culture

  2.    lila Says:

    I like your idea on what “beauty” means throughout different cultures and also how beauty changes throughout different eras- like how people view “beauty” in the 40s as to how we view “beauty” today.

  3.    penny Says:

    Although this topic was widely covered last semester, I like your idea of narrowing it down or more appropriately focusing on the differences of beauty between cultures… however, I think a good topic not covered yet would be the lengths people go to obtain it. The idea that surgeries once only when needed are not elective and pushed on people.

  4.    lnaiman Says:

    This topic seems very interesting. I know that over history the definition of beauty has changed so that could be interesting. Also across-cultural there are differences. I think this is a great idea!

  5.    antonia Says:

    This is definitely an interesting topic but still very broad. What do you think about penny’s idea?

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