a new idea!

(Times Live Blog 2008)

After much deliberation on our final research project topic, Lila and I decided to conduct a research study on the origin of the cupcake as well as why it has become such a social phenomenon. When visiting some of the many bakeries and stores, we will interview some employees to try to uncover the mystery on what makes this special treats so enticing to all. Whether visiting a Sprinkles in Texas , a Crumbs in New Jersey, Magnolia Bakery in the West Village , or The Famous Cupcakes store in Beverly Hills, people flock from all over to stand on line to taste “ a little drop of heaven”.

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6 Responses to “a new idea!”

  1.    sarah kusnitz Says:

    What do you mean by “social phenomenon”? Do you mean becoming so popular that it has become an actual activity done by people to go out and just get a cupcake to eat? Maybe while interviewing the store employees you can eve ask customers in the store (if there are any in there at the time) what they think about the cupcakes, or why they are there getting a cupcake, or even why they think it has become such a big “social phenomenon” as you stated above.

  2.    amaru Says:

    This is a terrible idea! Abandon this immediately and drop the class. >:(

    Just kidding…This is actually interesting, even though cupcakes are random. I always noticed (especially when I was in elementary school) that cupcakes were like the most common celebratory food. And I never understood why, because I never liked them too much, I remember eating the frosting on top and then kinda just poking at the bottom…Shame on me.

    I’m curious of where they originated and what occasions they were originally meant for (because I just assume celebration), and if they’ve been integrated into different cultures. Are they the quintessential celebratory food for everyone?

  3.    Lindsey Paul Says:

    Amaru !!!! You definitely made me laugh !!!! (so thank you)…. Ive personally always loved the bottom or cake part of the cupcake and always threw out the top. Thanks for the advice, I will look into the integration of cupcakes into different cultures.

  4.    Lindsey Paul Says:

    Sarah ! Thanks for the advice. Hopefully there will be customers in the bakeries when Lila and I go. By social phenomenon, I mean that it has become such an overnight popular treat, randomly. Makes me wonder whats so special about these fun foods.

  5.    Antonia Says:

    Great topic, great proposal, great comments! You guys are on the right track. Please check my comments on Lila’s entry on using a critical lens when looking at demographics. Also, given that people either seem to love or hate cupcakes, it would be interesting to find out why that is? You already got two responses to that in your comments!
    There are a few vegan bakeries (e.g. Baby Cakes in the Lower East Side) now which might work well to contrast against the more mainstream or chain bakeries in your study.

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