ethical guidelines for our final project!

There are certain ethical guidelines that need to be followed when conducting a research study. In our study, I hope to include video interviews, (with the verbal consent in the beginning of the interview) as well as cupcake photos   (with the permission of the bakery) and customers coming into the shop to  get there daily fix of the sweet little treats. The verbal consent will include telling them that we are Queens College students conducting a  research project. We will then ask  permission for them to partake in an audio interview regarding cupcakes that will then be posted on our class blog. Hopefully, people will be willing to help us out with out with this fun topic!

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4 Responses to “ethical guidelines for our final project!”

  1.    Antonia Says:

    Good! Make sure you inform people about the purpose and use of the videotaping before starting to tape.

  2.    Antonia Says:

    You are missing the blog entry “Visual Exploration”. Please post asap.

  3.    amaru Says:

    Yeah, you better stop slacking and get that Visual Exploration up!

    If you’re gonna use video, I’m guessing it would probably be a good idea to tape them in a way to avoid other people getting in the shots…That way you don’t have a bunch of faces you have to blur out; making your presentation look like an episode of ‘Cops’

  4.    sarah kusnitz Says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Amaru. It’s important to not have any mishaps of any kind when putting public information on the internet and in presentations. Maybe you can just add into the verbal consent that they have the option to back out at anytime if they wish to do so.

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