GROUP 3 ~ Indymedia ~

The main objective of the Independent Media Center, or as it is most common known Indymedia, is to portray the truth of what is actually taking place in current events. Some of their goals include correcting the distorted truth that the media publicizes. In 1999  Indymedia was started by Independent Media organizations, with the purpose of providing the basis of various protests in Seattle Washington. Publishing articles on the Indymedia website is not a difficult or grueling task since all one needs to do is register themselves, and begin typing. This website is open to everyone.

From the way this website is portrayed, it doesn’t seem unorganized, however, on the other hand,¬† it doesn’t seem as if their is one person in charge. Many of their activities¬† include rallying for animal rights, feminism, immigration, race, and Third World countries. As well as the articles that are published on the website by their followers.Personally, I don’t believe that I would join this website since I usually don’t attend rallies or activist groups.

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